Screen Renters



What is Screen Renters? 

ScreenRenters is the easiest and most secure way for Landlords and rental applicants to share a rental application, consumer credit, eviction and criminal report for the purpose of screening a rental applicant. 


I am a Landlord and need to screen a rental applicant, how do I setup a Screen Renters account?

Get started in 3 steps 

  1. Signup as a Landlord 
  2. Add your rental property 
  3. Invite your rental applicant & wait! 


Do you have to be the property owner to screen applicants? 

No, you do not need to be the property owner to create a Landlord account. 


If I have a question, who do I reach out to? 

Please contact using the chat box in the bottom right of your screen. We will be more than happy to assist you or your rental applicants with any questions. 


As a Landlord will I be notified when my rental applicant has submitted their reports? 

Yes, we will notify you immediately by email that reports are ready to view in your dashboard. 


How much does Screen Renters costs? 

ScreenRenters charges the rental applicant a $39 fee to order their Transunion credit, criminal and eviction history reports.  No Charge to the Landlord. 


Is my information secure? 

All personal data is encrypted using bank-level security. Your information will never be shared, period. 


How fast are Transunion reports generated?

Within seconds! After a rental applicant inputs their information and pays for their reports, they will be generated for the Landlords’ review. 


Credit Score range? 



I need to deny an applicant; does Screen Renters provide an Adverse Action report? 

Yes, when you deny an applicant we will provide you an adverse action notice to email to your denied applicant. 


What is included in a Transunion credit report?

A Transunion graph of payment history, positive and negative trade-lines, public records including bankruptcies and tax liens, and accounts that have been written off to collection companies.


What will a Nationwide Eviction Report consist of? 

The nationwide eviction history searches a database of millions of records including both judgments and filings. The report will show if an applicant has a history of not paying rent, violating a lease, disrupting the community, or anything else that would require a landlord to take legal action to remove them from the premises.


What will a Nationwide Criminal Report consist of? 

The nationwide criminal search uses the applicant's name and date of birth to search through national databases.

Criminal data comprises:

  • Alias Search
  • SSN verification
  • Previous address history
  • Crosschecks all 50 states +DC
  • Multi-jurisdictional court record search including court records
  • Misdemeanors/Felonies
  • Infractions
  • Arrests
  • Terrorist watch list
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • Incarceration records prison/inmate records
  • Probation, parole and release information
  • Arrest data
  • Wants and warrants
  • Traffic records and/or other case data records

Sex offender data comprises:

  • Crosschecks all 50 states +DC
  • United States territories
  • Native American tribes
  • Photos and physical descriptors are provided when applicable

International criminal records:

  • International criminal police organization or Interpol (when applicable)




How do I setup a Screen Renters account (Renter)? 

Tenants are not able to sign up without an invitation from a landlord. If you’ve already been invited, please check your email for an invitation.


Will accessing my Transunion credit affect my score? 

No. While information appearing on your credit report will be used to assist in verifying your identity, this process does not register as an inquiry on your credit profile. Your credit score will not be affected if it is submitted time after time to a landlord.